Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Man, I can't begin to explain how much fun I had up in Indy riding with the boys.
Photos and recap below:

 More photos at our Flickr.

     On Sunday, Zach, Chode, and I met up and sessioned for a while at the Beach Grove Skatepark.  After getting 2 flats, and filming a few clips (but no photos), we headed downtown to catch up with Shawn.  From there, we rode over to Ghetto School, which was covered in glass (2 more flats).  I got a trick filmed, and got some decent photos of the boys.
     We made our way back to Shawn's, and then Cole took us to Noodles.  Shawn is a Sriracha eating machine.  Once fed, we cruised back down to the classy Beach Grove Bowl, and bowled 3 games.  The night was sealed by 1.5 viewings of the edited for TV version of Pulp Fiction.  Shawn graciously let me crash on his couch.
     Monday, I lurked at Joe's Cycles for about 4 hours, while Joe built my Chukker, and Shawn and Zach worked.  After they closed shop, we hit up the wallride around back for a bit, before heading to Pan Am.  Shawn got a pretty dope footplant, Chode hopped down the 4 and up onto the bench, and I got a wheelie line.
     Everyone kind of split up at that point, but Chode, Zach, and I kept on sessioning.  They took me to this perfect ledge over a planter, where I threw sparks, hah.
Finally, we hit up the Pedestrian Bridge, where I capped off my visit by sticking a hop-wheelie I had been trying for over an hour.
     I always have such a good time hanging out everyone in Indy, and this past trip was no exception.  Things are only going to get better, now that the weather getting nicer.

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